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Jul 19, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of the lockerbie bomber. he says that both the u.s. and british governments need to take a closer look at bp's actions over the past several years. for people with heart pain, the problem became a whole lot easier and less risky. and if your credit rating is less than perfect, don't be discouraged. but first, the defense takes center stage and the trial of former illinois gov. rod blagojevich. >> i crash landing nearly caused the plane and s c b to collide in arizona. the plane clipped the top of the suv near the runway as it was trying to land. the plan was experiencing mechanical issues, causing an emergency landing in phoenix yesterday. the driver of the suv was not injured. former illinois gov. rod blagojevich is expected to take the stand this week in his corruption trial. attorneys plan to call their star witness as they make their case today. he claims he did nothing wrong in connection with the plot to sell a senate seat formerly occupied by barack obama. >> charismatic as he might be, there is a lot of damning evidence with respect to the tapes. >> roblin voinovich has pleaded not g
Jul 8, 2010 12:00pm EDT
in her bedroom in may. another lacrosse player remains in jail charged with first- degree murder. u.s. and russian officials will not confirm it, but speculation continues to grow about a spy swap. it could get americans buys back on american soil in exchange for russians expected in court today for indictment. >> in a federal courtroom in new york, and reigned for 10 accused russian spies. their cases from boston, virginia and new york combined. the justice department unveiled a single indictment against them, feeling speculation of a pending spy swap between russia and the united states. >> this is a law enforcement matter that is being handled that way. i would refer you to the department of justice. >> at the russian embassy in washington, more evidence of a possible secret agent exchange. in a meeting between the russian ambassador and senior american diplomat -- a state department spokesperson confirmed the meeting that the conversation. >> did this by case come up? likely it did. am i going to get into details? no. >> one russian mother says her son is about to be exchanged for
Jul 6, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of david petraeus. this just in, u.s. attorney general eric holder is filing a lawsuit challenging his arizona 's tough new law concerning immigration. more on this jury of 5:00. how you can win tends to see the grammy award winning artists coming up. more and more people coming to -- becoming confused over recalls. keri angle here to answer your plans and gardening questions. you can e-mail your questions. first, -- >> i am 77 years old. still doing the spirit of combat. still leading the way. >> , a spunky, one of the kind lady from england. dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. >> queen elizabeth is winding down her nine-day road trip with a visit to the big apple. she is scheduled to make a stop at the united nations headquarters and here respect to the side of the former world trade center. villagers and one british town will be warned about a karate expert. she is not your ordinary crossing guard. the 77 year-old is the first wom
Jul 21, 2010 12:00pm EDT
sea cadet corps and will volunteer aboard the u.s. coast guard ship. he is expected to leave on friday and spent eight days in the gulf. the body of a swimmer who disappeared on sunday has been recovered. doctors found 20-year-old justin oliver in the reservoir yesterday. he was reportedly trying to swim about 50 yards back to shore when he went under. his body was found about 30 feet under water. officials want to remind everyone that swimming in that reservoir is prohibited. fire officials are trying to determine what spawned a two- vehicle fire early this morning. the sec and then were found in a wooded area -- suv and van found in a wooded area at this morning. the vehicles had almost burned completely out. the cause of the fire remains under investigation this afternoon. a baltimore city police officer is on administrative duty while investigators sort out allegations that he forced a woman to have sex. the officer pulled her over for eigha traffic violation. officials are using a system that treats -- that creates a record of the officers whereabouts while on duty. >> we are maki
Jul 23, 2010 12:00pm EDT
received national recognition from the u.s. education secretary arne duncan after hundreds of more than normal students passed the reading exams. the city is getting some well deserved recognition for dramatically improving its immunization rates. the city is working to help families overcome barriers to immunization. they have increased the percentage of children being immunized from 62% to 99%. officials have ordered the evacuations up the side of the relief effort in the gulf of mexico as tropical storm bonnie moves closer. . dalgren has been -- kristin dalgren has the latest. >> the cat that has been holding back the oil for more than a week now will stay. officials are confident it will continue to do its job safely even without the cameras watching it every second. >> the decision has been made to leave the cap on as intended. >> ramping back up to finish the relief well could take up to two weeks. >> every day since we have had it on they have dropped and yesterday we only skimmed 56 barrels. >> there are still dark, of the patches and fear that it could still spread inland. ther
Jul 28, 2010 12:00pm EDT
has become the second most common of the nominal operation in the u.s. imagine experiencing severe pain when you brush your teeth or simply touch your face. that is how one south florida woman lived for years. a high-tech tool used to treat cancer got to the root of her pain and destroyed it. >> the cyber knife is dizzily and that tumors, but it's focused british and beans are also being used to destroy the cause of disabling pain. >> it is like someone is taking a knife and going right through a bone. it is the worst pain you can never have. >> and where would you feel the pain the? >> at the pain was there. i could not do this or this or this at the time. i could not touch any where on my place. >> marjorie was suffering from an excruciating condition that causes facial pain. it affects women more than men, usually over age 50, and is often mis-agnes. >> many times patients believe they're having dental problems, and their pain does not get better after having teeth pulled. >> scans can find the root of the problem. >> we are aiming for where the pain is coming from the brain ste
Jul 29, 2010 12:00pm EDT
and an active duty member of the u.s. air force were on board. witnesses say the crash sent a fireball hundreds of feet into the air. >> we saw a ball of flame turned to black smoke. i reached to get my camera. before i could focus, it turned into a big ball of smoke. >> the crash remains under investigation. how did you beat the heat without breaking the bank? up next, we answer your pet questions. first, if you are fighting to lose weight, there is an enemy you probably have not considered -- the roll bacteria place. >> heat and humidity is running up against a cold front, generating thunderstorm activity. details coming up in a minute. partly cloudy skies, and 91 at the airport >> if you want to lose weight, and eat less, that is what any dietitian will tell you, but researchers say the bacteria might play a huge role. how do you change it? >> how was your day? >> a leash the martins says she has been battling the votes for as long as she can remember. >> i have tried every diet known to man, and constantly and disappointed. >> researchers find that way to gain could be blamed on bacteria. -
Jul 9, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. just today, we saw a poll that says 50% of russians believe that this was propagated by u.s. agents looking to torpedo the relationship between the two countries. people love a conspiracy theory. when we do not have many details, people try to figure it out for themselves. >> coming up, basketball fans in cleveland are upset after lebron james has packed his bags and moved to florida. stay ♪ [ female announcer ] you really don't think about the cost of office supplies, until it's your office. ♪ well, when you buy all these items at walmart, you'll save 30% or more versus the national office superstores. so you can take care of business -- can i have some more paper? [ female announcer ] or whatever comes up -- for a whole lot less. thanks. [ female announcer ] with thousands of rollbacks, it's rollback time. save money. live better. walmart. (laughing through computer) good night, buddy. good morning, dad. (announcer) oreo. milk's favorite cookie.  and only allstate pays you stan extra bonus to do it.rd. get one of these every six months you go without
Jul 12, 2010 12:00pm EDT
pains -- more than 30,000 vans to replace pins. >>> changes could be on the way for the u.s. postal service. the postal commission will need to consider cutting back the delivery weakened raising prices for some services. instead of delivering the mail six days a week, it could cut back to 5 the starting in the fall. the post office estimates that the change could save $3 billion a year but the commission will consider raising prices for some classes of mail. recommendations are expected by october and must be approved by congress. >>> smartphone users need to be aware of online security, because you are apparently 15 times more likely to use her c -- to lose your smartphone then your laptop. people could be private information like banking and credit card information. check your manual or provider for security features. >> i do have my telephone equipment. i have encryption to get at least minimal security. >> if your phone is lost or stolen, there is something you can do to make sure you can delete all the information. >> do not forget this basic tips -- install anti virus softwar
Jul 16, 2010 12:00pm EDT
scold the identity of a u.s. citizen who died -- he was arrested as a got off a flight and london. they may want to rename happy hour. alarming new research out about alcohol and strokes. straight ahead on our medical alert. plus, a wild ride through a shopping center parking lot. story behind dramatic pictures as the cover the nation. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package -- 60 premium channels, including starz and showtime -- free for 12 months. plus with this offer there's no term contract required, if you don't love fios you can cancel at anytime with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup, superior picture quality and more hd; plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. offer ends soon, so don't wait. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10